Which comments by Redstart were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-08Name that children's book...
2016-12-02Children's books with realistic/ambiguous plots
2016-11-26"Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-UhUh" and "wooWOO" - Mammal, Bird or Amphibian?
2016-11-04Did I Imagine This Novel, Irish Convent School Edition
2016-10-23Raising kids in a ski/ mountain town vs a large city??
2016-09-12What does cilantro taste like?
2016-08-22Examples of "regional" common knowledge
2016-08-18What shape are the numbers?
2016-08-18What shape are the numbers?
2016-08-11Mmmm bop. Tween edition.
2016-08-10Mmmm bop. Tween edition.
2016-08-05Examples of "regional" common knowledge
2016-08-02Examples of "regional" common knowledge
2016-07-27Children's book ID
2016-07-20What could kill a shrub/bush in one day?
2016-07-17What kind of snake is this?
2016-07-15All out of jokes
2016-07-01Warm Thanksgiving non-beach vacation locales
2016-06-28Looking for read aloud chapter books for a 5-year old.
2016-06-24What are the best novels about the American West in the late 1800s?
2016-06-22A dog's coat keeps it cool: fact or fiction?
2016-06-13Where should I live?
2016-06-07Please make me feel better about my partner hiking the West Coast Trail
2016-04-12What Kinds of Manga Are the Kids Reading These Days?
2016-03-13Tick Tock
2016-03-12Help identify these eggs attached to a leaf
2016-03-10Affirmative, Enthusiastic, Mutual Consent: The Play List
2016-02-18What are some classic books for young children?
2016-01-09Natural Science Fun Facts!