Which comments by Redstart were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-22What is this tiny shelter by a driveway?
2020-12-17This Cat Is Way Too Good at Hiding
2020-12-16"What's your cities Simpson's ""must-see attractions"""
2020-12-13YA girl soldier genre
2020-11-13What sun screen will not make my face hot?
2020-11-07Seeking a new metaphor for the phrase “shoot the hostage”
2020-08-21Help me get rid of anything this moth may have left behind!
2020-08-20Bookfilter: Please recommend funny middle-grade or tween chapter books
2020-08-14Housemate/brother friendship is falling apart... over the cleaning
2020-08-12Why didn’t my tomato plants produce fruit this year?
2020-07-16What is this bug? Episode 6,372
2020-07-16Apical dominance in the Norfolk Island pine
2020-07-10Help me prepare now for a long, dark COVID winter
2020-07-07Like the dog and the duck and the grain, except the duck is my kid
2020-07-06Like the dog and the duck and the grain, except the duck is my kid
2020-06-28What's the bird called that called this bird call?
2020-06-22What is this fruit or vegetable?
2020-06-18u just called new bird who dis?
2020-05-30ISO book that celebrates black girl power for precocious ten-year-old
2020-05-25Scat scat!
2020-05-15Would you rush an interstate move right now, to save $35-55K?
2020-05-11Funny science fiction / romance / other books?
2020-04-17Chapter books with illustrations on every page?
2020-04-16Plant ID - Am I growing nettles?
2020-04-15Plant ID - Am I growing nettles?
2020-04-08Will I like a rotary lawn mower?
2020-03-29How do we deal with our new(ish) nipping, tantrum-throwing dog?
2020-03-23Am *I* the vulnerable population?
2020-03-23Should my wrist still hurt?
2020-03-19How to make it feel like a weekend when socially distanced
2020-03-13Advice from homeschooling parents
2020-01-11Why hang food in bags (Movie: 1917)
2020-01-07Help me narrow down boots for snowshoeing
2020-01-03Where should we live in the US — with little kids and climate change?
2020-01-02Computer Science Fair Experiments