Which comments by Huffy Puffy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-27Seeking book suggestions for Read Harder 2018 challenge.
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-10-28Calming, inspiring words needed, please!
2017-10-12challenging male vocalists!
2017-10-09Edifying books for last 15 minutes before sleep?
2017-10-02Songs where singers talk to themselves
2017-08-10Listening to the Fab Four, all of them.
2017-07-26Executive Orders
2017-07-22Recommendations for a used car that's more spacious than a Honda Fit?
2017-07-11Help date this children's globe
2017-07-09Follow-up on inflatable pool buoyancy empirical research, and a bit sad.
2017-06-29What's cool in Tulsa?
2017-06-28Galvanised metal in food cans
2017-05-01Mental/intellectual fitness
2017-04-19Wedding-safe '70s and '80s cheesiness.
2017-03-18How does one fill gummy bear molds easily?
2017-02-07Bring me your finest examples of Nazis getting punched.
2017-01-09Remedial Maths for IRA Calculation