Which comments by The Underpants Monster were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-10-20Having an endoscopy tomorrow, pretty anxious. What is it really like?
2022-10-15Coughing Creates Costochondritis
2022-09-23Hello, we are your (not new) neighbours…
2022-09-20My body has chosen violence, doc
2022-09-16Name these cats!
2022-08-31Competing Doc Appointments. What to do?
2022-08-16Las Vegas for a nerd
2022-07-28Does a quote like this exist?
2022-07-05Help finding film or TV depicting a punk/rebel in H.S. phys-ed class
2022-06-24Full litter box changes for multi-cat households
2022-06-10nasal congestion vs constricted sinuses?
2022-04-26Find me gentle, fictional, happy ending TV
2022-03-17Recovery from cataract vs retinal detachment surgery
2022-02-07What’s a good activity with a mix of adult ages?
2022-01-21A very good year
2022-01-16Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF
2022-01-16Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF