Which comments by hydra77 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-28Calling all calendaring wizards!
2017-12-12I want to mail merge one thing at a time.
2017-12-01tacos tacos tacos
2017-11-30Roommate moving sooner than expected and it feels...not nice
2017-11-20Will you help me time my Thanksgiving meal?
2017-11-13Am I a Sucker or What?
2017-10-252.5 Actual Days in Vegas
2017-10-252.5 Actual Days in Vegas
2017-10-11Lend me your delightfully tedious hobbies
2017-10-05Adorably...spicy hand embroidered wedding handkerchiefs
2017-09-29How will a bathroom door w/translucent opaque glass affect resale value?
2017-09-29What normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2017-09-25Shopping districts in Portland
2017-08-24What sites get comments right?
2017-08-09Can you help an incredibly picky person find shoes?
2017-07-05"Today we need some organization and planned activities."
2017-06-15Flight Refund
2017-06-09The Water Is Everywhere
2017-06-06Where to buy reasonably-priced jewelry in Portland area?
2017-06-02Airbnb for the disabled?
2017-05-04Spookyruralnoirmovies! yes, pls.
2017-04-20Tears of Joy or Regret after Purchasing a Teardrop Trailer?
2017-04-17Help me dream up a 40th birthday getaway!
2017-03-10Hipster Bib Aprons, But Without The Hipster Prices
2017-03-10Hipster Bib Aprons, But Without The Hipster Prices
2017-02-14Where are all the set design companies hiding?
2017-02-01Many, many years ago in a sad, faraway land...
2017-01-10Pimp my (sweet) potato, please