Which comments by penguin pie were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-10-24Experienced writer writing first play
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2016-09-27stretches for lower back pain after running?
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2016-08-07What is the beneficial version of gentrification?
2016-08-04What are some surprising things that not everyone can do?
2016-07-22La Vie En Rose-Colored Glasses
2016-06-29Audio resources for language learning
2016-06-12Extracting Text from PDF WITHOUT also extracting images
2016-06-09Going to Cuba. Help me avoid landing in a jail cell.
2016-05-16(Eastern) European Vacation
2016-05-09How do I even fit?
2016-04-28What could neurologically account for my difficulty with driving?
2016-04-19Ah dinnae ken whit ah dinnae ken... aboot Scotland
2016-04-07If someone tells me to "manage expectations" one more time...
2016-02-09Cycle commuting in London for terrified beginners
2016-01-30So you won the lottery. Don't blow it all on Prozac.
2016-01-30Will a dead rat make my friend sicker?