Which comments by penguin pie were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-30Wellbeing activities to help body and mind for my WRAP plan?
2018-12-30Wellbeing activities to help body and mind for my WRAP plan?
2018-12-20Cancer or chronic illness when alone
2018-11-19Best audiobooks for anxiety disorder
2018-11-14Which episode of Homeland is this?
2018-11-10What is the weirdest, most obscure national organization you know of
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2018-09-13I'm worrying about pillowcases
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2018-09-11Help me hack my schedule. Am I overloading myself?
2018-09-09How to build close friendships as an adult?
2018-08-07Should I be a teacher?
2018-08-05Finisher denial: open water swim
2018-07-29backpack solutions for wet / dry stuff
2018-07-09Something like a möbius strip
2018-06-27How to pack for a summer trip to Ireland and Scotland with kids?
2018-06-22Isometric exercises!
2018-06-19Activism Supplies
2018-03-27Is there a way to transfer Instagram posts to a different account?
2018-03-09How to not be rude when I need to stop talking to you
2018-03-08Staying productive while depressed
2018-03-07Coping with one-handed parenting after De Quervain’s Release surgery?
2018-03-05The poisoned, post-divorce well of my kids’ school
2018-02-27Can I ask my therapist...
2018-02-25Polyglot tips for the formerly precocious
2018-02-20What’s an easy, eco-friendly way to bind a printed A4 booklet?
2018-01-31Icebreaker-type questions for coworkers
2018-01-23What should I wear on my legs while running in the winter rain?