Which comments by penguin pie were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-12Long distance wedding gift - Edinburgh edition
2022-12-08I just want to be warm
2022-12-06falling out of love the wrong way
2022-11-19Help me get some perspective on a fulfilling life with/without children
2022-11-17Staying warm in a cold house
2022-11-17Staying warm in a cold house
2022-11-11Friend's birthday miscommunication, or something deeper?
2022-11-06Covid safe drinking/dining in Edinburgh
2022-11-01Have you had delayed antidepressant withdrawal symptoms?
2022-10-19Should I be a sperm donor?
2022-10-12Talking without actually talking about it
2022-10-11Best way to absorb water
2022-09-28how can I help?
2022-09-17please help me not turn into a furious conspiracy theorist?
2022-09-16Resources on any cities reducing crime
2022-09-08Help a little dude make friends
2022-09-06Postcards for purposes
2022-08-25How to navigate a friendship minefield?
2022-08-25ebook discovery, library edition
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-19You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them ask for a glass
2022-08-12Royal Scotsman train advice
2022-08-11how do i deal with not having a best friend, or even close friends?
2022-08-03wait, so I’m supposed to do ALL of this now?
2022-07-25my cat is missing
2022-07-23Navigating hypocrisy
2022-07-16Why don't they make painergy drinks?
2022-07-15how to stop thinking my ex friend is better than me
2022-07-15Canceling trip: Need support
2022-07-07The social ABC of quitting drinking
2022-06-28What type of things does my equivalent in Spain typically eat and drink?
2022-06-17NIOSH Approved N95 with Ear Loops
2022-06-01excersize help
2022-05-24Fifteen minutes later, she would know the answer to her askme.
2022-05-09Public transport strategy Glasgow/Edinburgh as a tourist
2022-05-09Help me offset my homebuying naïveté, UK Edition
2022-05-09Public transport strategy Glasgow/Edinburgh as a tourist
2022-05-06ghosting fury redux
2022-05-04Help me get rid of my voice neurosis!
2022-04-29Covid recovery and symptoms going backwards, help.
2022-04-18this too shall pass? really? how can you be sure?
2022-04-18this too shall pass? really? how can you be sure?
2022-04-14I don't think this is a scam, but I can't see a significant downside.
2022-04-10Names in Mc or Mac – do you put a space?
2022-03-21What is the Simple Life, as distinct from the American Life?
2022-03-17How do I become less physically lazy?
2022-03-17How do I start advertising my YouTube channel?
2022-03-09What is the best iphone app for learning Spanish?
2022-03-07Bike short recommendations for the large runner
2022-03-05Phase 1: Collect underpants Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit
2022-03-01Non-monetary Donations to Ukrainian Refugees
2022-02-14Where should I move next in England or Scotland?
2022-02-06Intersection between climate action and social justice - but in Spanish
2022-02-03Missed periods while on the pill
2022-02-03Missed periods while on the pill
2022-02-01French on the go for beginners
2022-01-22They had had to find a way to talk about this in other languages.
2022-01-18So I guess this is growing up
2022-01-14Is my relationship workable or is it better to end things?
2022-01-13Item based experiences under 75$?
2022-01-11Should I quit the student union?
2022-01-06What was that Wordle-like game from the 2000s-2010s?
2022-01-05Setting up a discrete social media persona from my work persona