Which comments by Sequence were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-11-20What do businesses do when purchasing from bots? Hope me accountants!
2018-11-14Sins of Our Fathers
2018-11-06Programming for Business/MIS: Java or C++?
2018-11-06Help managing relationship with a violent family member
2018-10-20Do allergic responses DIRECTLY trigger dysphoria/anxiety?
2018-10-15Can you help me talk myself into separating from a toxic partnership?
2018-09-30Do you think should I leave my mom's side of the family?
2018-09-05When Your Adult Kid Won't Get Mental Health Services
2018-08-23I'm a Mac-only web developer. How do you Windows?
2018-08-16Disgusting embarrassing insomnia trigger help please
2018-08-12You are not my daughters OBGYN
2018-08-03How can I easily tell if a Wordpress plugin update broke something?
2018-08-02Help me find a task management solution!
2018-07-27No interest in food except thin liquids. Help!
2018-07-25What device do I need?
2018-06-29Homegrown mixed drinks
2018-06-27How to get cats who get along
2018-06-26Depression, weird hormones, and altogether too much uprooting. What do?
2018-06-11Working through daughter's existential crisis
2018-05-28I am tone deaf and would like to sing in church. How to proceed?
2018-05-23Help me get caught up on web front end dev trends and best practices
2018-05-15This Sandwich Needs Something
2018-05-11Another "how should I feel about this job offer" question
2018-05-06Who buys special event clothing for kids after divorce?
2018-05-02Am I Latinx enough to wear the t-shirt?
2018-03-24How to increase volunteers for workplace events?
2018-03-11How might an adult acquire a mentor?
2018-03-09Have you seen later-in-life anorexia? (trigger: disordered eating)
2018-03-03Is it a bad idea to hand code a website in 2018?
2018-02-16Is Hulu worth it?
2018-02-15I'm doing everything I can to wreck my health and life. Help?
2018-02-09Ethics of ordering delivery in a snowstorm
2018-01-28Oversleeping and Inertia
2018-01-17Car-related puzzle involving dead battery and maybe rats