Which comments by Oyéah were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-20Baking more than one thing at a time?
2022-11-04Is there a Dr. House in the house?
2022-10-04Ulnar neuritis/neuropathy, surgery, no improvement - what's next?
2022-09-18Does my camera/lens need repair, or are iPhones just better?
2022-08-31Somewhere to violin for about an hour close to the montreal airport?
2022-07-27I have scabies, !@#!@#!@~ Help me figure to deep clean
2022-07-26Exterior wiring for speakers and telephone - keep them for any reason?
2022-07-21How to help mom buy a home without going broke?
2022-07-11What should I sew with fake fur?
2022-06-15These old bones ain't what they used to be
2022-05-30Need veggie side ideas with two big conditions
2022-04-19How do I stop the deterioration of my mental health?
2022-04-10Bee Sting and now Blisters
2022-04-10Bee Sting and now Blisters