Which comments by box were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-28I'll take used cars for $6,000, Alex
2022-12-25Old Mag-Lite flashlight
2022-12-25ULTRA LAST MINUTE GIFT - food magazines
2022-12-19Popular Christmas songs outside the most popular eras?
2022-12-19(Modern song) names with parentheses?
2022-12-15We're going WayBack
2022-12-11Down coat recs! Difficulty level: plus size
2022-11-29Questions and Answers and MeFi
2022-11-26Recommendations: Men's Grooming Products
2022-11-23The invisible band - Minneapolis, my lost youth, the nineties
2022-11-20The logistics of removing truly massive amounts of snow
2022-11-18Searching for a baby rock compilation album that was good
2022-11-16Italian language stuff on streaming
2022-11-15What are 10-15 books to read to make it seem like you went to college?
2022-10-24Me no know computer no more
2022-10-19Winter tires vs minus-one wheels and winter tires
2022-10-18Need access to NYT article
2022-09-19Giving a drum set as a gift
2022-09-18Warm and happy TV episodes. Entire seasons need not apply.
2022-09-06Postcards for purposes
2022-09-04Have a Taste
2022-08-24Which ebike for me?
2022-08-10Kobo for library ebooks?
2022-08-04Can I eat these olives?
2022-08-04Person Has Terrible Idea, Follows Through
2022-08-02Can I eat this? SHOULD I?!
2022-08-01Bruce Springsteen & The Hold Steady
2022-07-29Help me choose a computer monitor
2022-07-24Can You Aid Me In My Headphone Quest?
2022-07-18Pizza Dough for Grilling, Freezing (original source: Cooking Light 199x)
2022-07-16Why don't they make painergy drinks?
2022-07-08How many bands have songs where they say their own name?
2022-07-08How many bands have songs where they say their own name?
2022-07-07What knot to use for a clothesline between posts with eyehooks?
2022-07-07Please Help Me Speak Used Bookstore-ese
2022-07-07Bicentennial vibe movies
2022-07-05Help finding film or TV depicting a punk/rebel in H.S. phys-ed class
2022-06-08Would you take a survey about MetaFilter?
2022-06-05Best camping chair
2022-05-23Quarter-Century Character Breaks
2022-05-23How to document and share local walking routes?
2022-05-12Does anyone remember this workout? Manual labor?
2022-05-11What are the races to watch and fund in the US?
2022-05-07Fashionistas: Help me choose the perfect hat for year-long world travel
2022-05-07What are 5 things I can do right now to protect abortion rights?
2022-04-18How can we help libraries in the US?
2022-03-18Demolition Derby Worthy: What is the toughest modern non-SUV/jeep?
2022-02-26Ukraine vs. Russia for Dummies
2022-02-09please give me all of your advertisements gone wrong
2022-02-08please give me all of your advertisements gone wrong
2022-02-04LED lightbulbs that last
2022-01-23A very good year
2022-01-22A very good year
2022-01-22A very good year
2022-01-10What is the single most important environmental charity?
2022-01-07MeFites with GetUpside cashback/reward app: