Which comments by St. Peepsburg were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-11-30I want to ace this consulting interview--where do I start?
2022-09-26"How to address tech ""bro"" coworker who talks over or dismisses you?"
2022-09-22Where can I eat on Thanksgiving Monday in Saint John, NB?
2022-09-19YANMD. Did chia seeds and heavy weights do this to me, abdomen edition.
2022-08-19You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them ask for a glass
2022-08-04How do I reparent my inner child when I have no material resources?
2022-07-30High-fiber foods on a road trip?
2022-07-2990s nostlalgia
2022-07-29How much dietary fiber do I REALLY need, and how do I get it?
2022-07-19Car entertainment for 4-year-old
2022-06-30Handheld fan recommendations for someone stuck in Satan's sweaty sock?
2022-06-01help me shut down the vermin interstate
2022-04-27tough luck, tough cabbage
2022-04-17What media hit you differently the second time around?
2022-04-05Naming a dental practice
2022-04-01Best parts about parenting a boy?
2022-03-25YA Novel from the 70's with a sinking barstool
2022-03-04"""No opinions"" Rapid life change"
2022-02-26What makes a good therapist?
2022-02-24Cognitive dissonance about my marriage, what is the reality?
2022-01-10Family Dynamics
2022-01-01First person, third person