Which comments by late afternoon dreaming hotel were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-08-19The 33 Year Old (quasi) Virgin
2016-08-16Save us from the spiral of defeat!
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2016-07-25What is this plant #313?
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2016-06-27Aliens and the arts
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2016-06-03Bubble bubble no toil and no trouble
2016-06-03Replacing our bed with futon to save space?
2016-06-02Meditation Music like Kay Gardner's A Rainbow Path
2016-06-02Mindful snacks for a busy person
2016-06-02Meditation Music like Kay Gardner's A Rainbow Path
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2016-05-23Meditations on traveling and wandering
2016-05-19What's up ... ummm ... doc?
2016-05-12How do urban dog owners handle transportation?
2016-05-11What do I feed my first-grader?
2016-04-27Transport options in LA without a car--cabs, Uber or what?
2016-04-26What easy vegetarian meals can I cook for six, including kids?
2016-04-17Renaissance Optical Trick Paintings
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2016-02-09Can I get another IUD...
2016-01-29Dogs that go Yap in the night
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2016-01-15Ridiculously cheap, indispensable DIY books?
2016-01-08Instant Pot recipes, please!