Which comments by late afternoon dreaming hotel were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-09-04Should I leave my kind, loyal boyfriend that I don't love??
2020-08-10Seeing the good guys win [an argument] on camera
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2020-07-21What's your favorite reading chair that won't cost a fortune?
2020-06-09abolish? defund?
2020-06-02What can a law library do?
2020-05-19Tracking virus mutations
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2020-03-18Another should I stay or should I go question with COVID-19
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2020-02-16Wherefore the best chocolate mousse? (SF Bay Area)
2020-02-07Why wouldn't the Wuhan scenario play out in my city?
2020-01-30Not looking forward to this flu shot
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2020-01-16Odd visual field disturbance