Which comments by ThePinkSuperhero were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28How do we pay this bill?
2018-12-27Can we drink the bubbly from last NYE?
2018-11-11catharsis or waste of time?
2018-10-30Should I bring a piano into my condo?
2018-10-26Food for Hungry College Students (Professor Edition)
2018-10-20What do I do with a huge cat tree my cat won't use anymore?
2018-09-27Help me think about shaving my head.
2018-06-12Help us name a new kitty!
2018-06-05Celebratory brunch recs on the North Shore?
2018-05-19Smelly question
2018-05-14Congratulations co-worker!
2018-05-09Get up and GOTV
2018-05-03Should I eat these?
2018-04-26i lik the hed
2018-04-10Hiding Morning Sickness on Work Trip
2018-03-27Rush tickets for Broadway shows?
2018-03-26529 Question
2018-03-02Fun Advice for a 50th Birthday Staycation in NYC in April?
2018-02-15How Do I Hat? (Flat Cap Edition)
2018-01-23Formal business wear - maternity edition
2018-01-23Formal business wear - maternity edition