Which comments by true were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-11How do people ever pay off interest-bearing debt??
2022-10-30vacation for a sociable 5 year old and her anti-social parents
2022-10-29A Smartwatch that isn't too smart
2022-09-25Breaking Down the House
2022-09-03Frozen fish, marinated then re-frozen -- okay to eventually sous vide?
2022-08-12Installing Slatwall Panels in Garage
2022-07-25How Can I Optimize My Time of Use Electric Rate Plan?
2022-07-22Paris in August
2022-07-18Martial arts for thin newbies
2022-07-01You better wait a minute (or week) Mr. Postman
2022-06-20Small splinter in the bottom of my foot… help?
2022-05-05Awesome services and product companys with terrible online presence
2022-04-14Designing a small, mostly edible garden to also be beautiful?
2022-03-11"""Do you want money for this?"""
2022-02-28How do I even begin to replace a septic tank?