Which comments by childofTethys were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-11-16How to apologize when you don't believe you're wrong
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2018-04-16Six layers of rugs should be enough, right?
2018-04-16Women’s shoes on concrete
2018-04-03Help me survive my students
2018-04-03Help me survive my students
2018-04-03Help me survive my students
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2018-02-16Non-fiction reading for the agnostic soul
2018-01-17Single parent: outlook not so good, where do I start?
2018-01-17Where should we go for a long weekend in March in the mid-Atlantic area?
2018-01-16She likes me, she likes me not
2018-01-15we are all enough, hopefully, hypothetically