Which comments by aspersioncast were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-19Overthinking a Plate of Beans: Gifting Bagged Coffee Beans
2018-12-19Random Person: "Eat This" Me: "Okay!"
2018-12-19Random Person: "Eat This" Me: "Okay!"
2018-12-15Very new to DAWs, would like to play with a drum machine.
2018-12-11Bitter Tea
2018-12-11Bitter Tea
2018-12-07Upbeat Music
2018-11-27Dutch (Oven) Treat
2018-11-20Save my bacon! Or don't!
2018-11-13Help me disarm through humor
2018-11-11File Under: what have I gotten myself into, synthesizer edition
2018-09-13Roaches. Why'd it have to be roaches.
2018-05-29Does eating a banana change the taste of coffee?
2018-05-22Recording Isolation Booth DB reduction
2018-04-01portable mic suggestions for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator(s)?
2018-02-22Sabotaged by my younger self - how to begin life at 40?
2018-02-22Scientists: Can you measure heart-health changes via urine?
2018-02-09putting a new hardwood floor into an old house
2018-01-31Icebreaker-type questions for coworkers
2018-01-16Power my old clock