Which comments by aspersioncast were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-27Who swears on their mother's womb?
2020-11-19Should we go stay in our Air BnB and hike in NY next week?
2020-09-06Insecure about my romantic/sexual history
2020-09-05How to remove cigarette smoke smell from books
2020-08-22Semi-automated complicated google scholar searches via cmd or similar
2020-07-25Why season/condition a new granite mortar and pestle with garlic?
2020-07-11What's wrong with my car, remote version
2020-07-11What's wrong with my car, remote version
2020-06-28Name this pop philosophy!
2020-06-21Old basement, Stinky HVAC Air: What Can We Do?
2020-06-17Mentoring programs for moving from the streets to the middle class?
2020-06-16Need websites selling various quantities of screws/bolts/nuts/washers
2020-06-16What's the best glue to stick large rocks together?
2020-06-16Foolproof Call Recording?
2020-06-15Do I need to go to urgent care?
2020-05-12How long did symptoms -> diagnosis -> treatment take for your cat?
2020-05-02Condenser Microphone - Broken or Needing a Pre-amp?
2020-05-01Condenser Microphone - Broken or Needing a Pre-amp?
2020-04-14"""Let's cheers"": is that a thing?"
2020-04-11Why won't my Whole Foods checkout complete?
2020-02-24Your *feelings* about minstrel-style banjos