Which comments by Bella Donna were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-16Advocating for My Dying Grandma
2022-12-06falling out of love the wrong way
2022-11-07Last ditch donations
2022-11-02Staring into the Void
2022-08-20feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-02Could the Other Grandmother please back off?
2022-08-02Can I eat this? SHOULD I?!
2022-07-27Looking for insight into a very disturbing habit my parents have.
2022-05-22anxiously attached & ashamed
2022-04-26How do I set my rate for freelance work?
2022-04-21Swedish Vagifem
2022-03-19Urgent meatball quandary
2022-03-09How to cultivate hope, when it's weird.
2022-01-08End of life protocols
2022-01-06Throwing money at stopping the next coup