Which comments by assenav were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-23Best way to return this package?
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2020-11-13Plan-B in the Age of Gilead
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2020-10-09Parent with rapidly developing dementia. What do we do?
2020-09-21Help protecting furniture from incontinence
2020-09-21Help protecting furniture from incontinence
2020-09-17Hit me with your best simulacra
2020-08-10Seeking snowflake-specific yoga rec
2020-07-13Lap Blanket for Home Office
2020-07-06Like the dog and the duck and the grain, except the duck is my kid
2020-07-01Guests using home restroom in covid times
2020-06-11Zenni amber lenses: threat or menace?
2020-05-31Give me back my name
2020-05-30ISO book that celebrates black girl power for precocious ten-year-old
2020-04-29Take the cake
2020-04-07Can I use my iPhone’s camera, but my MacBook’s screen, for FaceTime?
2020-04-01What's the best way to fax a PDF without a landline?
2020-03-23Am *I* the vulnerable population?
2020-03-19Moving During a Pandemic
2020-03-04End-of-days comfort
2020-03-04End-of-days comfort
2020-03-04How To I Apply To Colleges For MSW Degree
2020-01-08DIY Stickers for Your Face