Which comments by scruss were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-30Identify this small solar-powered installation.
2018-12-26What time would you set exterior lights to turn on and off?
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2018-10-08How do I remove index formatting from Open Office/Libre Office?
2018-09-07PK: Don't ask me to explain it
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2018-07-13It's not my tooth, pinky swear!
2018-07-10Where can i get rechargeable A23 12v batteries & recharging device
2018-06-22Small Printing Press, 1980s
2018-06-17It's simple. I'll just get on the horn with Google, and they'll fix it.
2018-06-17Can I give this tablet a second chance at life?
2018-06-16Name that bug
2018-06-14Can I get the pesto pasta Canadian border inspector?
2018-05-06Help finding specific type of box fan, please?
2018-04-17Tell me about living next to a solar farm.
2018-04-04ISO a decent javascript library for making custom/imaginary maps
2018-04-03"One-trick" programming languages/applications?
2018-03-23Hot new tools for small business organization
2018-03-21Help me be fascinated by freight trains
2018-03-20Rectangles just taste better
2018-03-10Fonts and copyright
2018-03-08What the heck is going on with my laptop's color management?
2018-03-05Please help me not throw my printer out the window
2018-01-15I want to edit (not annotate) PDFs on my Mac for less than $180/year
2018-01-10What Do I Do With These Old Macs