Which comments by scruss were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-29Best Netflix-only, streaming now, intelligent charming movies?
2020-12-09Show me your old manuals!
2020-12-08What is … ?
2020-12-08Show me your old manuals!
2020-11-30What are good digital tools for a social and networking group?I
2020-11-23I'm confused by the Noods. Noodles & Gravy that is.
2020-11-08How Do I say No to a Family Funeral
2020-11-04Best affordable paper for drawing with markers?
2020-10-25Not chrome and not Firefox: best browser for Android?
2020-10-12What animal is pooing all over our garden?
2020-10-08The Little Car That Couldn't
2020-09-06THe needs of the Few…
2020-08-28Record player questions
2020-08-14How do I find a compatible LCD driver board?
2020-08-13How do I find a compatible LCD driver board?
2020-08-09But that isn't the best email practice, it's the worst...
2020-06-30Please help me remember this book!
2020-06-26Good replacement for Extra Fine Tip Sharpies?
2020-06-12Can you identify this thing?
2020-06-08Balzac vs typographers
2020-06-06How can I clean my bathtub daily?
2020-06-04Yet another question asking for a printer recommendation!
2020-06-02How to deal with headaches/tinnitus from Zoom meetings?
2020-05-17What did this story mean for US readers of 1899?
2020-05-12What would you do with the new raspberry pi high quality camera?
2020-05-05Can't delete some items from Firefox One-click search
2020-04-30Printer copier that isn't going to lock me into years of rip-offs?
2020-04-03FB Deleting Notifications?
2020-03-18Music app for Android-- listen and import ripped MP3 files?
2020-03-16Wrong heat pump installed, now what?
2020-03-16What is this metal cable spanning my garage ceiling?
2020-02-14Banging my head against a spreadsheet problem
2020-02-10What kind of cable and/or connector do I need to connect to this board?
2020-02-09What ‘90s genre shows did I miss?
2020-02-04Privacy-focused QR generator?
2020-01-18Resturant Ettiquette.
2020-01-13A Grown Up Guide to Dinosaurs
2020-01-12Help getting a pattern printed from a 3D model!
2020-01-11Help getting a pattern printed from a 3D model!