Which comments by kindall were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-02Just use fingerprint scanner on a Nexus 6P?
2016-08-20Signing out of iCloud for domestic abuse survivor
2016-08-11Perseids in the Seattle area for the non-hiker, non-camper
2016-08-11Perseids in the Seattle area for the non-hiker, non-camper
2016-08-05Iron Absorption Question
2016-08-01How do alcohol urine tests work?
2016-07-14SIM card issue for Virgin Mobile phone
2016-06-28My mp3, she is busted
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2016-05-16What tech stack for building a little Python game?
2016-04-21What's the best place to buy general-purpose sneakers?
2016-04-19Great storage options for pantry staples?
2016-04-13US tax question
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2016-03-23What is a reliable, standardized brand of glucosamine and chondroitin?
2016-03-18Issues in loading app onto Android
2016-03-17What about the post-wedding, YOU'RE MARRIED NOW checklist?
2016-03-14Let's play yurt!
2016-01-22Dad (early 70s) is making weird sounds constantly. What could it be?
2016-01-13Bands with animals in them?
2016-01-07lossy formats to minidisc, that bad? or equally obscure mixtape format.