Which comments by Medieval Maven were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-31I resolve to finally do something about that bad decision
2021-12-09Homeowners in the US: do tradespeople call you back?
2021-12-06Long pants for a short woman
2021-10-05Because hauling kitty litter is a young person's game
2021-08-08Going to a con in Atlanta over Labor Day...horrible idea, right?
2021-07-15Sunscreen that's doesn't smell, animal-friendly, and low-waste
2021-06-18Interesting cookie recipes?
2021-06-18Flushing Money Down the Drain
2021-05-03Help a kid get better at sports
2021-04-19Flat walking paths/walk options in Atlanta / North Fulton area?
2021-03-08Stacking dishes for an eventual small crowd
2021-02-22HOA before buying condo
2021-01-22Art Studio Gift
2021-01-03conceal my undereye circles