Which comments by muddgirl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-14Books that pretend to be found objects
2022-12-14Books that pretend to be found objects
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2022-10-22Strange visitor at the door this morning
2022-09-16US: what do I need to know about setting up an LLC for contract work?
2022-07-31What happens if a wild pitch leaves the field?
2022-06-16My, what a lovely demi-dingle. (Huh?)
2022-05-16Knitter in Knots
2022-05-14How do I take pictures on Android that arent one-second videos?
2022-05-03How to get antibiotics prescribed right now without going to ER?
2022-04-19sudden aversion to meat
2022-03-26How do I turn on this hot water heater?
2022-03-25Can I eat it: what's this about not eating leftover rice??
2022-03-21How long would it take to charge a Tesla via USB?
2022-02-06Can you show an Iowa cow at the Illinois State Fair?