Which comments by MonkeyToes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-09Mozart, asked how his music come to him, said all of a piece. Y/N ?
2019-11-01Wholesome, bite-sized Twitter substitute..._
2019-10-06No-Fail Fall Albums
2019-09-23Why does Boris Johnson seem posher on the radio than on TV?
2019-09-21Can anyone read/identify this inscribed tablet, Arabic maybe?
2019-09-17"Speed Kills", but what did it kill first?
2019-09-16Dam this dam
2019-09-08Question for bakers of MeFi
2019-09-02Bakingfilter: Any tricks to amplify the cinnamon taste in bread?
2019-08-23What was that cartoon where everybody was carrying their partner?
2019-08-18Stephen Colbert Bible Verse Discussion
2019-08-09Massively multiplayer music
2019-07-04What’s a good audiobook(s) for 25+ hours in the van with kids?
2019-06-19Baddest boast of all time involving acorns
2019-06-09food science careers: I wanna hear about'em.
2019-06-03Burning Question
2019-06-03Road Trip, offline music, Amazon Prime (maybe Unlimited...), help!
2019-05-18Movie Twinkie monologue?
2019-05-10Is there a reference for checking whether a given shop is unionized?
2019-05-01Clash vs. Eddie Cochrane album?
2019-05-01Encyclopedic regional cuisine cookbooks?
2019-04-28What should I do with the space above my washer and dryer?
2019-04-03Mr Tomato Sandwich?
2019-03-20What is this children's book?
2019-03-20What is this children's book?
2019-03-15Poem from Gloria Bell
2019-03-15Poem from Gloria Bell
2019-03-12People talking about their lives - in text?
2019-03-11Last-minute literary costume ideas for a costume-hater
2019-03-09Help me name my nonprofit?
2019-03-06enable my kitchenware addiction
2019-02-22What is this thingamabob?
2019-02-21What else can I put in my heels?
2019-02-17Relaxing by watching other people work
2019-02-12Book ID, possibly for children
2019-01-28what is this "Like a Rolling Stone" parody about Roger Stone?
2019-01-26You know, it’s a standard bottle-brush/metal loop/magnet combo tool...
2019-01-15Librarians: What’s the story behind the Hoopla app?
2019-01-13What are the best tomatoes for my area?