Which comments by schroedingersgirl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-23Wordsmith help with holiday greetings requested
2017-12-20My cat died. How do I help my other cat cope?
2017-12-19I'd love to talk but I just can't.
2017-12-14How do I regain control when I feel like my body is failing me?
2017-11-26pre-gaming the funeral
2017-11-13I hurt a friend and I'm not sure how to proceed
2017-11-01How to elicit troubleshooting discussion in marriage?
2017-10-16Cheer up, bucko.
2017-10-13Tips to keep from crying
2017-10-01Small, lightweight pack for walks/hiking needed.
2017-09-12What should I be doing all day?
2017-09-06Who said this mystery TV dialogue that pops in my head?
2017-08-19Help me replace dairy without soy
2017-08-16Why can't I write a Google restaurant review?
2017-08-08Please help me figure out why my dog is so itchy?
2017-07-14How do I dog?
2017-07-11How can I courteously be alone during trips with friends and family?
2017-06-30"Am I going to die?" "Probably not, but I wouldn't bet my life on it."
2017-06-29Smelly hair
2017-06-28Boston from 6pm-6:30am?
2017-06-18Is there future dog danger from a dead raccoon?
2017-05-04White Patch of Hair
2017-05-01How best to handle loans between partners?
2017-04-25How to function sort of well the day after a night of broken sleep?
2017-04-18What 1 product would you recommend to a pale dude with undereye circles?
2017-04-14Cat with vestibular? Brain cancer?
2017-04-10Toddler Batman wants to be helpful
2017-04-10Alternatives to Claritin
2017-03-21Dentists really aren't scary, but how do I convince him of this?
2017-03-17Looking to adopt a puppy! Now what?
2017-03-15How do I feel okay about moving far away from people I love?
2017-03-13Hacks for workplace serenity
2017-03-03What are examples of transgender / intersex in past societies?
2017-02-15I'm sorry my dog broke your apartment
2017-02-11Never ending s... inus infection?
2017-02-11Never ending s... inus infection?
2017-01-10Pimp my (sweet) potato, please
2017-01-06How to support a colleague with a sick cat?