Which comments by lafemma were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-12-11I'm not sure if my boyfriend is trustworthy?
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2018-11-27Give me your best health hacks
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2018-10-10Help me break an unhealthy relationshipping pattern!
2018-09-13I'm worrying about pillowcases
2018-09-11Please help me find a meditation practice that works for me
2018-09-10It's about swishy graphics in journalism
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2018-04-02Pros and cons of a 9-5 job
2018-03-13are you there, me? it's me, me
2018-03-05MomFilter: Physical exercises that helped you prepare for childbirth?
2018-02-23Maintaining energy levels after adrenaline rush
2018-02-08my son wants a dog