Which comments by smorgasbord were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-26Should I upgrade to a lower tier phone?
2022-12-06falling out of love the wrong way
2022-10-29How to find a good Psychiatrist in the Baltimore area?
2022-10-05(Humanities) PhD horror stories
2022-10-04(Humanities) PhD horror stories
2022-09-25How to slowly heal from the pandemic trauma?
2022-09-21Please tell me how to therapy again
2022-08-31Resources for non-traditional parents?
2022-08-10A question of weight and feelings
2022-07-11he’s the main character in my life
2022-07-09he’s the main character in my life
2022-06-13Why do people say they want to do something but then never do it?
2022-06-06How to handle family drama/estrangement? (Narcissistic Mother Version)
2022-05-30Job searching for someone who's been out of the loop since 2007.
2022-05-22anxiously attached & ashamed
2022-05-14family envy
2022-04-17Birthday brush-off, also half-connected family
2022-03-28Not “Eat, Pray, Love” but what instead?
2022-02-07My 5.5 year old wants to get hit by a car when he is upset
2022-01-16To be young and in love (and in Europe)
2022-01-12If it's not broken, don't fix it?
2022-01-07Picking up the slack
2022-01-07Picking up the slack