Which comments by cotton dress sock were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-31How firm are the prices at a La-Z-Boy Gallery?
2016-12-26Does meal prep make me high-maintenance?
2016-12-24how to wait tables?
2016-12-24Go or no?
2016-12-22What could low glucose but normal H1ac levels mean? (YANAD/YANMD)
2016-12-13I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay ...
2016-12-11Hack my swim rituals.
2016-12-11Hack my swim rituals.
2016-12-08Help me understand my introverted(?) friends better
2016-12-03Real Live Permanent Weight Loss?
2016-11-17Can a woman who goes back to school have a normal life?
2016-11-15Making my biorhythms work for me
2016-11-05Another Relationship Question
2016-09-21Sleeping on a full stomach - science or woo?
2016-09-18How did lucid dreaming suddenly manifest in my life?
2016-09-02Why does being mixed-race mean double the rejection?
2016-08-28Talking to you, not at you.
2016-08-25Questions for experts on domestic violence.
2016-08-24Self help book recommendations on self love & personal stories of growth
2016-08-22Getting your hair dry *and* being a good girlfriend?
2016-08-20Are you dependable? I want to be dependable, too.
2016-08-20Are you dependable? I want to be dependable, too.
2016-08-17It seems unhealthy to me, but what do I know
2016-08-08I don't think that means what you think it means...
2016-08-02Examples of being considerate/caring?
2016-07-21La Vie En Rose-Colored Glasses
2016-07-12stocking items for the boyfriend in my fridge
2016-07-12stocking items for the boyfriend in my fridge
2016-07-07To Boldly Go Where Many Have Gone Before!
2016-07-06Physical therapy for general improvement of health?
2016-06-23Say something or don’t. What to do about a crush?
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-19What are conversational topics that work magic as instant icebreakers?
2016-05-28Anxious Procrastination. Delaying gratification.
2016-05-25Has anyone else experienced a "neurological rebound" effect from Advil?
2016-05-23Is it limerence, sexual obsession, or something else?
2016-05-18How to lose 3 lbs
2016-05-08A mother's love = a worrywart lacking perspective?
2016-05-01I love to make stuff. Why should I bother making stuff?
2016-04-24Help me make foods taste more garlicky.
2016-04-24How do I talk to attractive people?
2016-04-24Communication is too hard. I almost want to stop speaking altogether.
2016-04-23its all right its ok
2016-04-22Who is the 90's kid's Bowie/Prince?
2016-04-21How do I deal with these thoughts of quitting drinking?
2016-04-16What do you bring to the table?
2016-04-16A little overweight, a lot overfat
2016-04-10Hair scarf style suggestions?
2016-04-09Sleep: Experience with CBT-I for insomnia?
2016-04-03I am not my hair... but I'd like to at least be friends.
2016-02-25Is this Ok, Cupid?
2016-02-18The baby/toddler next door screams more than what I think is normal
2016-02-15Why do some cultures develop prejudice toward LGBT individuals?
2016-02-15Women's strength training: No barbells, no plyometrics
2016-02-07Changing course to classical music career later in life
2016-02-02Some of my coworkers are incompetent. Help me be less annoyed by them.
2016-01-21A publisher wants my book. How to pay the bills while I write it?
2016-01-19Would it be irresponsible of me to get a dog?
2016-01-18Shampoo/conditioner recs for mostly average Asian hair
2016-01-18Shampoo/conditioner recs for mostly average Asian hair
2016-01-15No sense of belonging
2016-01-14How do I deal with working from home?
2016-01-05How important is it really to skip a day between workouts?
2016-01-04New Year, new job? But how?