Which comments by mhum were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-17"So there's ""pandemic"" - what other risks to my business?"
2020-09-17Wikipedia pages that are recognizable (but not trivially) from their ToC
2020-08-20What is up with this hat?
2020-08-14Friday afternoon photo puzzle
2020-07-29What are the best Asian condiments and ingredients for the home pantry?
2020-06-10What neat things are younger than 3,200 years old?
2020-06-01Netiquette - Is this term obsolete?
2020-05-28How old is this cardboard box?
2020-05-28How old is this cardboard box?
2020-05-28Let's get demonic.
2020-04-15"""Let's cheers"": is that a thing?"
2020-03-03Who did I hear bashing the Fed today?
2020-02-12First time karaoke advice
2020-02-04Help me brainstorm a family alert system!
2020-01-15Do the royal family have Canadian citizenship?