Which comments by SemiSalt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-27Unscary Detective/Mystery books in "exotic" or "outdoors" locations.
2016-12-26Unscary Detective/Mystery books in "exotic" or "outdoors" locations.
2016-11-12CS things are important too!
2016-10-08Stay sexy, don't get murdered
2016-09-08Books of Authority
2016-09-02Family member has cancer
2016-08-13fitting new range between counter tops
2016-08-09Not-quite-Nordic not-necessarily-Noir?
2016-08-04Novels with scenes set at performances?
2016-07-20Most effective donation strategy for 2016 election?
2016-07-06Epoxy grout - yay or nay?
2016-06-21Printing photos in the woods
2016-06-16Foot Arch Soreness- Who to Go to?
2016-06-12A team of soldiers who stopped a war?
2016-06-10One night in Western Massachusetts- where should we stay?
2016-06-02What non-string instrument should I learn to play?
2016-05-23Most amazing aviation themed play space in North America?
2016-05-16Should I go to Nantucket? Or to Acadia National Park? No car!
2016-05-13I'm gregarious and my boss is an introvert. Help me not piss him off.
2016-05-11What do I feed my first-grader?
2016-05-05Recharging the Battery
2016-04-29Which POS software was this?
2016-04-26How do you track your potential activities so you actually do stuff?
2016-04-23Should we stick with our financial/investment advisor or with the bank?
2016-04-14MBA now from less-than-top-school, or later from a top school?
2016-04-13US tax question
2016-03-30How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-28Conservative bloggers/twitter for my elderly father?
2016-03-12How can I make my mattress more comfortable?
2016-02-22Indentured into a longer contract by a mandatory upgrade?
2016-01-07Ideas for your (small) dream kitchen