Which comments by SemiSalt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-30A holiday feast for tender stomachs
2017-12-20Pressure canning: convert from 16oz jars to 4oz jars?
2017-12-17Becoming the queer lady magician of everyone's dreams
2017-12-16Please explain voter ID to this non-American like I'm a 12 year old
2017-11-17Beginner seeks help with kayak purchase
2017-11-17What to expect before and after urological surgery
2017-10-26Pre-publishing maths on Arxiv: good idea?
2017-10-15 3rd planet from the sun + person doing thing
2017-10-14you can’t become world-class at everything, right?
2017-09-18Self-contained foods
2017-07-26Is there actually a trend here, or just movement around the mean?
2017-07-18Help pick a name for a maybe future business?
2017-07-11How to fix up my bathroom on the cheap?
2017-06-22How to prepare for a job interview that includes an analysis exercise?
2017-06-19What happens when all the crows just up and leave?
2017-06-16What deep insights into human cultures do non-specialists miss out on?
2017-06-08Best home base town for Connecticut & NYC trip segment
2017-05-11Tell me about your coffee maker
2017-05-09Newbie micro-publisher in search of guidance
2017-04-29How likely is it that I am wrong?
2017-04-25Deer, Blueberries and Bears, Oh My!
2017-04-22Are you an engineer or an engineern't
2017-04-19Bread Machine - GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS!!
2017-04-17Do diseases pass to humans from milk or meat consumption?
2017-04-05how did interest in savings accounts work before computers were around?
2017-04-05I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-04-04I need Ambiguous Names (and more!)
2017-03-29The Blind and the Seers?
2017-03-20Clueless about tools, want a power drill and screwdriver
2017-02-23Would you like franchise with that?
2017-02-17New architecture school grad seeks job search advice
2017-01-27Long distance second opinions
2017-01-24Telescope tips for an "intermediate" astronomy buff
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised
2017-01-06Come on baby, don't fear the nice guy?