Which comments by SemiSalt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-26What time would you set exterior lights to turn on and off?
2018-12-26How can I press keyboard buttons with my toes?
2018-11-18Detective mysteries like Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford
2018-11-01Give my modular ranch some character
2018-09-25Fun activity to do after school regularly with a 9-year-old
2018-08-16Books set in houses on lakes
2018-07-21Currency Risk When Loaning to a European Friend
2018-07-13What else can I clean?
2018-07-09Something like a möbius strip
2018-07-04Hold my hand and tell me about retina problems
2018-06-29How does the junk mail eventually stop?
2018-06-01Is job hunting with a PhD -really- that bad?
2018-05-23Irritatingly picky pub quiz questions
2018-05-20Boat Naming for Dummies
2018-05-19Smartphone/Tablet Productivity Hacks
2018-05-15Helping male friend in early 30s through extended hospital stay?
2018-05-12Vox gun control article/video: rebuttal to the rebuttal?
2018-04-01Computers and Irrational Numbers
2018-04-01Driving and Parking to/near NYC?
2018-03-23What alternatives, career-wise, does a 50 year coder have?
2018-03-21What's the most useful crafted item you've ever made and/or received?
2018-02-12How soon is it OK to follow up on status after a job interview?
2018-02-04How do I secure... my bread?
2018-02-01how to tread water while i wait for grad school
2018-01-31A month with no kitchen - your best microwave survival tips?
2018-01-22Can you use an Instant Pot as a de-froster?
2018-01-17Mom's New Computer, Episode #4938
2018-01-17Research on controlling sexual desire
2018-01-09Savory baking
2018-01-07Would need to exactly happen for a bedbug to transmit a superbacteria?
2018-01-07Ball direction and camera angles during NFL broadcasts
2018-01-01Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition