Which comments by SemiSalt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-15Help me find the right tech career for me.
2020-12-03another night in with the ol' ball-and-chain (my PhD)
2020-11-08Tech novices need to send videos of themselves to me.
2020-10-27My mind remembers how to sleep. My body does not.
2020-10-23Who to donate to before U.S. election?
2020-09-30It’s been a beach of a year
2020-08-14This should be basic geometry...
2020-08-13Golden Age mystery list
2020-07-09Should I teach my boss the simple things I do?
2020-07-04Distance from density - how far apart are my plants?
2020-06-29Do you have a recipe from a favorite book?
2020-06-28Do you have a recipe from a favorite book?
2020-05-30Woodworking safety during a pandemic
2020-04-02Is there anywhere I can get a basic webcam in Chicago or online?
2020-03-29Substitutions, Covid-19 edition
2020-03-28Reporting Total Tests to Positive Tests ratio/ Death rate increase
2020-03-23Kindle Fire Kids Edition for aging parent?
2020-02-20What's a new baker to bake?
2020-02-10Cooking for two
2020-01-29What should I expect from this cardiologist visit
2020-01-27Record vinyl records from non-USB turntable to computer USB