Which comments by Miko were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-28Anyone had (good/bad) experiences with Conspiracy theorist?
2017-12-21How to stop resenting a wedding
2017-12-16Pesticides in meat and dairy?
2017-12-05Pickle Bites Man, Film at 11.
2017-11-29Who's my +1?
2017-11-29Old-time vs bluegrass music
2017-11-07Worried about 5yo's flapping/running behaviour
2017-11-04Hosting a large-ish family gathering 101
2017-11-04Hosting a large-ish family gathering 101
2017-10-30What is the best (digital) way to organize Thanksgiving?
2017-10-30What is the best (digital) way to organize Thanksgiving?
2017-10-27Decorating A Public School Classroom for Halloween: Yay or Nay?
2017-10-17One Weird Trick to Save Money
2017-10-14 3rd planet from the sun + person doing thing
2017-10-10Do "psychics" who perform cold readings believe in their own "powers"?
2017-09-26Resources for getting enthused about a period of home-making?
2017-09-25We all scream for buttercream
2017-09-25identify this song about sailing and saying goodbye
2017-09-14There Must Be Some Way Outta Here?
2017-09-13Would you heed this letter if you were a liquor store manager?
2017-08-10How can I get you to give me a donation?
2017-07-28Food bill out of control!!
2017-07-21public participation in Comprehensive Plan review
2017-07-19Gift related to Native American history and culture?
2017-07-05Examples of kids puzzle and poetry books I read in the 1980s
2017-06-30"Am I going to die?" "Probably not, but I wouldn't bet my life on it."
2017-06-29Flat-headed lady seeks cute haircut. Help?
2017-06-28Boston from 6pm-6:30am?
2017-06-28Boston from 6pm-6:30am?
2017-06-25Whither the word "yeppers"?
2017-06-25What order to do this in?
2017-06-08Best home base town for Connecticut & NYC trip segment
2017-05-30what the heck is this thing?
2017-05-28You're wearing THAT?!?
2017-05-15Maybe if the augmentation is a hammer for smashing patriarchy?
2017-05-071920s Joke Auction Poster - What's the Story?
2017-05-061920s Joke Auction Poster - What's the Story?
2017-05-04Cat injury, money problems, my mum needs me and I need her...
2017-04-10Minimum Viable Wardrobe
2017-04-07Make a to-do list? It's on my to do list
2017-04-075AM-4PM at JFK Airport.. What to do?
2017-03-21They Said to Me; "Mike, they said"...
2017-03-09Attic rooms in Boston
2017-03-06bartender compensation
2017-01-23How do I work out the best use of my activist time?
2017-01-11Does "Encl: resume" belong on cover letters anymore?
2017-01-07The 40 Hour Workweek
2017-01-07Is Goodreads editorial content advertising?