Which comments by Miko were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Exercising better down where it's wetter
2018-11-19Talking with recruiters for the first time but not actively job-seeking
2018-11-16T'was The Night Before Christmas, And On My Bookshelf....
2018-11-01How to sell late-90s Doc Martens shoes?
2018-10-31Potential mentor didn't respond after introduction. What's polite?
2018-10-05Book suggestions for a family book club
2018-09-17Help a first time solo traveler plan a 10 day foodie trip to Italy
2018-09-06all-out without burnout
2018-08-29Really?! Full/double bed come across as "wanting to be single"?
2018-08-21Recipes for a great sauce with really concentrated flavours.
2018-07-31Help me feed my kids while camping
2018-06-08organize my list
2018-06-06Celebratory brunch recs on the North Shore?
2018-04-29Will an SSD drive make a 2007 MacBook Pro worth keeping around?
2018-04-09Please help find this quote
2018-04-03Help me survive my students
2018-04-03Christmas in Spring
2018-04-01Christmas in Spring
2018-03-26Biking NYC to Providence?
2018-03-21What's the most useful crafted item you've ever made and/or received?
2018-03-03How can I find research about restaurant managers?
2018-03-02Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-26I can't do this alone any more
2018-02-10How can I be a truly wonderful host?
2018-02-03They give us those nice bright colors/They give us the greens of summers
2018-01-29Is this just stress?
2018-01-22tell me about most amazing place you've ever swam!
2018-01-18Looking for a cat therapist in New York City who's like Jackson Galaxy!
2018-01-09How to be a 44 year old white rapper
2018-01-05Can you identify or date this wallpaper?
2018-01-05Can you identify or date this wallpaper?
2018-01-03Finding speakers for an historical conference
2018-01-01Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition