Which comments by JZig were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-24OCD self-help
2020-12-12Shop broke laptop; I need a new one.
2020-12-08What is … ?
2020-11-18Upgrading my MacBook Air: Intel or Apple silicon?
2020-11-01How should I proceed as I learn computer programming?
2020-10-28Twitch DJ Tip Etiquette?
2020-10-15Nintendo Switch games for multiple consoles, multiple players per Switch
2020-10-06pay rate increase for contract programming
2020-08-25Consultation as a therapist in WA state
2020-08-19What does crate digging look like today, exactly?
2020-08-10"""Would that not be trusting to works""? - where did I read this?"
2020-08-09Why do I do weird things when I do science?
2020-07-30Livestream audio and video quality?
2020-07-27Field switching before the PhD - advice?
2020-07-22guilt over not wanting job
2020-07-20Help me pick a new laptop!
2020-07-17Budding Kid Gamer: the best laptop for work and play?
2020-07-15What's the best embeddable chat tool for online teaching?
2020-07-13Why is my TV acting weird?
2020-07-07Zoloft strengthening ear worms?
2020-07-06Please help me entertain these smol humans: Xbox Edition
2020-06-28Connecting mixer to PC
2020-06-06Sourcing a quote about haste and COVID research from a podcast
2020-06-04HR reprimanded me for discussing protests. Now what?
2020-05-15How are you finding out about cool virtual events?
2020-05-14We don't see eye to eye, or hear ear to ear
2020-05-14Discord for preteen?
2020-04-30Printer copier that isn't going to lock me into years of rip-offs?
2020-04-26Terrible quality video when using TV as an external monitor ....
2020-04-22How to help a person having a manic+paranoid episode?
2020-03-23Cool online interactive multiplayer kid friendly games with video chat
2020-03-23Covid response for programmers and technologists.
2020-03-20Is it legal for a company to stop paying a worker if they travel?
2020-01-19What does it mean if my website got 6 new unique users in Santa Clara