Which comments by ananci were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-14Consider the ???
2016-12-13vacation, all i ever wanted
2016-11-27Successful FWB practices?
2016-11-05What's a great place to snuba?
2016-11-03Stories about activists
2016-11-01I feel like I am losing my friend, need advice on how to proceed
2016-11-01Uber, or not Uber?
2016-10-27German hyphenation
2016-09-23Tips for bite sized self care during and around work travel?
2016-09-23Optimizing book reading
2016-09-14How do you prevent headaches after work?
2016-09-14How do you prevent headaches after work?
2016-08-20Refinishing furniture - mixed woods and carvings edition
2016-08-02Examples of being considerate/caring?
2016-08-02How to use use up a bottle of horribly sweet wine?
2016-07-24Hope for freelancers with scatterbrained, ungrounded thinking?
2016-06-29Custardly deeds - make them thick and smooth!
2016-06-29From A to B to Xe(la)
2016-06-27Advice for a newb's Peruvian bike tour
2016-06-25Do you and your SO sleep in separate beds but still get along?
2016-06-16Lightweight, luxury, consumables for a hiker?
2016-06-13Where should I live?
2016-06-03Dress-spotting from the past?
2016-06-03High-deductible health insurance plan: Who do I pay?
2016-06-03How NOT To Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve?
2016-06-01Making professional(ish) quality printed wall art from start to finish.
2016-05-31How Do I Keep My Wrists Happy?
2016-05-23Please help me stop reading Seveneves
2016-05-22Signs of quality in a wood bed frame
2016-05-16What to do on a really long sabbatical
2016-05-11I'd like to buy swirl skirts from India
2016-05-08How can I deal with worsening panic issues?
2016-04-26Exercise Crops for the Out of Shape Itch Inflicted
2016-04-21What is the weirdest book in the history of English literature?
2016-04-18No, not macaw. Maca.
2016-04-16Need help naming a Secular Meditation / Mind Training Centre
2016-04-13Wood you like to help me plan my anniversary?
2016-04-09Beaming Service for Samsung / how to launch app?
2016-04-03I am not my hair... but I'd like to at least be friends.
2016-03-31Is this even a thing, landscaping edition
2016-03-30How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-20Consulting on the side - dos, don'ts & protips
2016-03-18Help me help my Dad live in the rainforest
2016-03-13Freaking out about moving/change - NYC to California
2016-03-10How to Yelp in San Francisco?
2016-03-04Memory tips for pronouns
2016-03-03Bones Unknown
2016-02-27Traveling to Managua for work, any tips and/or advice?
2016-02-26Inclusive language that works a little better than "non male"
2016-02-23Online Event Planning Course
2016-02-23What do I need to know about transitioning to contract work?
2016-02-22Critique my cross-country driving route please: Oregon to South Carolina
2016-02-19What kind of chair is this?
2016-02-19Maybe my scale's broken?
2016-02-16Should I date?
2016-02-06Want regular energy levels to support different kinds of activities
2016-02-04Help us find the least expensive reliable prescription drugs
2016-01-25How to stop feeling like a tree without roots
2016-01-19Explain how my one monthly chin pimple comes to exist.
2016-01-19Explain how my one monthly chin pimple comes to exist.
2016-01-19Don't want to trigger a foam slide
2016-01-19Renting Shelf Space. The In's and Out's
2016-01-18Shampoo/conditioner recs for mostly average Asian hair
2016-01-17What songs can I play on a Little Tykes Piano?
2016-01-15Concerns over stopping Wellbutrin treatment
2016-01-07Where Does the INDIAN Mega-Wealth Come From?
2016-01-03"(S)he doesn't age. (S)he youthens."