Which comments by ananci were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Please help me duplicate this scarf
2018-12-28Exercising better down where it's wetter
2018-12-24I have the date and travel budget, I can't decide where to go
2018-12-22Meeting daughter's partner first time xmas
2018-11-23Positive stories against the stereotype of a "loner"
2018-10-20Recommend me a Caribbean vacation.
2018-10-05How best to show woodworker my concept for a custom wall mount?
2018-09-12money collection for a colleague: 21st century edition
2018-09-12Seeking (very) unconventional sandwich suggestions
2018-09-04Best Cosmetic Treatment for Scarred Skin
2018-08-20Name that font: Old timey postcard edition
2018-08-15Help plan my escape
2018-08-08Following Twitter w/o missing updates
2018-08-06How do I best build relationships when being alone comes naturally?
2018-08-05“Indestructible”? Hah!
2018-07-30Are there any proven benefits of alkaline water?
2018-07-28Help identifying dystopian, post-nuclear sci-fi book
2018-06-17Rumination, rumination, rumination
2018-06-15How to feel like I’m not just my job?
2018-06-02How do I get my hair like this again?
2018-06-01Hey Ladies (and sheep)
2018-05-31burning up my fuse up here alone
2018-05-10CFO in a week?
2018-05-08Books about MRIs, hospitals, surgery for a 3-4 year old
2018-03-27Is there a way to transfer Instagram posts to a different account?
2018-03-16No-pattern homemade garments
2018-03-13are you there, me? it's me, me
2018-03-13Explain Napa Valley to me
2018-02-17Wellbutrin + Lamictal= awesome?
2018-02-13Looking for carribean reccomendations
2018-02-02Have You Used a TENS Unit For Pain Relief?
2018-01-25Questions on Baptism
2018-01-20High time to stop being a "low talker"
2018-01-17Why do I see weird shapes when I'm getting sick?
2018-01-11How to get from Antigua, Guatemala to Leon, Nicaragua by land
2018-01-09Savory baking
2018-01-09Break our hearts now, later or something else?
2018-01-02Un-tea staining a white wall