Which comments by ananci were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-29Keeping the fire alive in a pandemic
2020-12-19Almonds to almond paste
2020-12-19Almonds to almond paste
2020-12-07amuse my bouche
2020-12-07welp, this is awkward
2020-12-02Novels featuring classical music
2020-11-10Will bleach fumes damage natural surfaces?
2020-11-09ISO a blueberry muffin recipe and corollary food science explanation
2020-10-31Gifted Car and a Confusion of Factors
2020-10-19Can I use a smaller propane tank?
2020-10-19Questions about political polls
2020-10-19Questions about political polls
2020-10-13I don’t want to be an aging hipster
2020-10-03Navigating international air travel in the time of COVID
2020-09-29Recipe for freezing apples as pie filling
2020-09-15Residency requirement for California attorneys
2020-09-14search term for t shirt type & general transmasc clothing advice
2020-08-30Can beneficial soil bacteria survive in powder/tablet form?
2020-08-15Home Movie Conversion 101
2020-08-14Home Movie Conversion 101
2020-08-13What can you say about the trial after being excused from jury duty?
2020-08-11Between Two Fillo
2020-07-30What weird ass supplements are you taking lately and why?
2020-07-23how to hide or move the thumbnail sidebar in PDF files on iPad
2020-07-09My fingers have forgotten so much...
2020-07-06Like the dog and the duck and the grain, except the duck is my kid
2020-06-25What is this conversation style called, and how can I deal with it bette
2020-06-11How do I make an immediate and crucial change in sleeping position?
2020-06-11small apothecary jar gaskets
2020-06-07Tracking our food with a (digital?) diary
2020-06-05Where can I download historical stock prices?
2020-05-29Roadrtip Long Island to NWA tips?
2020-05-26Can you help me up my bath game?
2020-05-23Please help me help my post-operation cat not absolutely reek. Please.
2020-04-17What stops someone from clearing out the Treasury via check?
2020-04-13Date night during coronavirus
2020-04-09Sweet potato leaves and other odd edibles
2020-04-07"""If I have a dog, my dog has a human."""
2020-04-03What is the best paint pen for touch ups on chipped paint.
2020-04-03Other Instagram accounts like Livinthefuture?
2020-03-24Corset lacing and seasoning
2020-03-20L.A./SoCal Public Showers (Beach or Other)
2020-03-02Looking for a chickpea recipe that will go well with tachin
2020-02-26Website in my name that's not mine?
2020-02-19pain and anxiety help? Or will I just feel like this forever?
2020-02-15Wherefore the best chocolate mousse? (SF Bay Area)
2020-02-14For the love of Lobster Stock/broth
2020-01-28How to clean the woodstove after a visit from a squirrel?
2020-01-21tell me about life with wigs.
2020-01-19Tastiest. Decluttering mission. Ever.
2020-01-10What does ace mean in this context
2020-01-01References for natural figure drawing poses