Which comments by Kirth Gerson were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-07-11What's wrong with my car, remote version
2020-06-01National Parks in Utah
2020-05-31National Parks in Utah
2020-05-29Take me back to Vermont in the summertime
2020-05-27explain it to me simply: how do I paint a model boat?
2020-05-24Car care in the time of Covid
2020-05-24How to clean dusty plastic sheet protectors?
2020-05-10Your favorite heists!
2020-05-10Your favorite heists!
2020-04-22Our laptop is Slow!
2020-04-14Where to start with Gene Wolfe?
2020-04-13"hey siri, google ""doors under rich person lawn gilded age what do"""