Which comments by carrioncomfort were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-12Outer Space for Humanities Majors
2019-12-09Where can I find more synchronous (live) online courses?
2019-11-22How do I hire a translator?
2019-11-21How do you get back to sleep?
2019-11-07Where is the eggless vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing of my dreams?
2019-10-10Coping with disability
2019-10-03positive fictional depictions of fat women
2019-09-26What's the modern successor to Mephisto walking shoes?
2019-09-23My kid, the rock hound.
2019-07-26Best Comic Book / Graphic Novel Writers from the American South?
2019-07-09Is there a name for the style of these works?
2019-06-21Road trip relationship crisis
2019-05-30Razz-Ma-Tazz Me
2019-05-30Beetroot recipes for someone who hates beetroot.
2019-05-30Beetroot recipes for someone who hates beetroot.
2019-05-09A real rhubarb of a pickle of a jam
2019-05-08Cookbook based on time intervals
2019-04-16Vegetarian shank bones?
2019-04-03User-friendly, multipurpose, zeitgeisty and slightly shiny.
2019-03-19What are some terribly designed but wildly successful objects?
2019-03-11Nature guide for Spring?
2019-03-07Fun birthday games while waiting in line?
2019-03-06Help me find more graphic memoirs
2019-02-21What else can I put in my heels?
2019-02-21Seeking Kosher cookbook
2019-01-30If you don't have a dartboard handy...