Which comments by radioamy were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-23Multi-platform food & symptom diary app (or website)?
2016-12-19Help me maintain my terrible sleep habits
2016-12-12Moderating Audience questions from social media to be answered by panel
2016-12-05Pimp my Airbnb
2016-11-30I can't believe it's not snake oil!!!
2016-11-17NOLA for 20th Anniversary, with 12 year old.
2016-11-16Will IUD insertion remain free on my insurance through 2017?
2016-10-24How do I handle this HR issue?
2016-10-19Wiretap Podcast Archive... no iTunes, please!
2016-10-16it'll be just like a sleepover, except not!
2016-10-13Halloween in New Orleans
2016-10-12simple skin (face) care for adult male
2016-10-12Sugar Skull face mask for Halloween
2016-10-01Shortest path to resolving anxiety
2016-09-09Can you help compile a Zumba mixtape?
2016-08-10How do I apply for a job, when the last time I did I was assaulted?
2016-08-04What are some surprising things that not everyone can do?
2016-07-22This is a long road with nothing to listen to
2016-07-13How do you get good medical care?
2016-07-11Custom decals mural for kitchen cabinet doors?
2016-06-20How young is too young for a babysitter?
2016-05-18Should She Be Playing with Me? (And More Newbie Dog Questions)
2016-05-10Help me pamper myself
2016-05-04Please help the world's pickiest drinker drink.
2016-05-04Please help the world's pickiest drinker drink.
2016-04-26Honda CRV vs. Accord: help me sort my thoughts so I can get a car!
2016-04-25Dog Socks? (And other dog questions.)
2016-03-18How to care for pretty new car?
2016-03-14Emergency Help: Sleeping Music
2016-03-11Toys for a five-year-old boy : road trip edition
2016-03-10Privacy fail. Who do I contact?
2016-02-24Dranks for... skanks?
2016-02-15[Insurance filter] They're not teeth; they're mouth based body bonuses.
2016-02-13Book club questions for Mildred Pierce
2016-02-07What food delivery services can I try in SF?
2016-01-16Hack my move
2016-01-07Ideas for your (small) dream kitchen