Which comments by snaw were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-07-17Vegan dessert for a birthday party
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2018-05-19Could I just have half a glass of wine? Twice a week?
2018-05-12Novels about contemporary immigrant / refugee / expat experiences
2018-05-12question about co-op fees for Queens, NY cooperative apartments
2018-05-09Suggestions for B├ęchamel-based Pizza Sauces
2018-04-12did you get better at emotional labour? how?
2018-04-04MOAR decadent vegan recipes, please!
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2018-03-30help me find a packable puffer jacket that keeps my butt warm?
2018-03-20Looking for tinted lip balm that's not shimmery.
2018-03-12Best daily carry tips for the professional commuter
2018-02-02What's vegetarian for "This is a special family celebration?"
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2018-01-22Super cupcake bowl
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