Which comments by warriorqueen were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-30Meal Prep in two hours?
2018-12-20What do you think about group interviews?
2018-12-10What has helped you with driving anxiety?
2018-12-10How to distinguish between superimposed pre-e and severe pre-e?
2018-11-28Ambition and Buddhism
2018-11-14Love in the Age of a Thesis Submission
2018-10-30Pension Problems
2018-10-18What is it like to be cold?
2018-10-15Does a 100% abnormal sperm morphology preclude pregnancy?
2018-09-28Help me think about shaving my head.
2018-09-27Ontario road trip - what should I see/do/eat? (especially in Toronto)
2018-09-04My SO isn't eating properly while taking care of our baby
2018-08-18School lunch hacks, for older kids
2018-08-12Activities for kid + baby?
2018-07-24When the mama honeymoon comes to an end
2018-06-12How Best To Handle An Enthusiastic Counterpart
2018-06-05Do people regret having kids?
2018-06-04Miss Manners Filter: When is it rude to ask for a favor?
2018-05-31My employer eliminated my dept today. What do I do now?
2018-05-25Rent versus buy, rapidly growing city edition
2018-05-14Children as the "property" of their parents??
2018-05-08Neat freaks, help!
2018-04-28You'll hang with the right cohorts, you'll be good at sports
2018-04-16Help me be better about money and honesty
2018-04-13How much should I legitimately be making in NYC for the work I do now?
2018-04-06Would you, could you, on a boat? With kids?
2018-04-05Life/career changes to address depression
2018-03-28Elementary teacher versus the bullies
2018-03-27Bonding with second child/Is this even a problem?
2018-03-12How do women flirt to get what they want in NON romantic settings?
2018-03-09Have you seen later-in-life anorexia? (trigger: disordered eating)
2018-03-05Why was I cooled down as a newborn baby?
2018-03-02Sustaining motivation in a demotivating environment
2018-02-22Sabotaged by my younger self - how to begin life at 40?
2018-02-19what is the etiquette in this situation?
2018-02-15Trauma and therapy and triggers
2018-02-08my son wants a dog
2018-02-04Encouraging a relation to better face their spouse's cancer?
2018-02-02Managing an extremely anxious employee
2018-01-31What did I just do?
2018-01-18Broke vegetarian, in winter, dislikes beans
2018-01-17Single parent: outlook not so good, where do I start?
2018-01-12Sexually assaulted by a friend. How to make her understand how I feel?
2018-01-09Savory baking
2018-01-05How to stop unwanted behavior in oneself - smart-assery edition
2018-01-01Will you put me in her shoes?