Which comments by warriorqueen were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-29home renovation on a budget: staggered schedule edition
2020-12-22Why did the crumbled peppermint candy on our peppermint bark...melt?
2020-12-13YA girl soldier genre
2020-12-11When is the morally right time to disclose an emotional affair?
2020-12-10Trying to forgive myself for not being more responsible in the past.
2020-12-06How to deal with anger: Covid denial plus apocalypse fantasies edition
2020-12-01Gremlins of the human kind
2020-11-24Elaborate baking recipes with pictures for a zoom work party
2020-11-15Where to buy small quantities of shipping boxes online?
2020-11-06Emergency Contact Device for Kids
2020-11-04How do I share my atypical managerial experience in a job application?
2020-10-30Supporting pregnant family member who just got difficult news
2020-10-23Toys with longevity - 7 year old boy edition
2020-10-19How to deal with relative's illness
2020-10-13I don’t want to be an aging hipster
2020-10-08Match for this Halloween costume
2020-10-07First time supervisor. Advice please?
2020-09-28What to do during a winter at home with an infant under quarantine
2020-09-22Family Halloween costume ideas needed (two moms and a baby edition)
2020-09-15Husband has credit card debt, won't talk about it. Help.
2020-08-31What are your family traditions?
2020-08-03a writing dilemma
2020-07-31The kids are their own project managers
2020-07-31New ways to cook Pinto Beans. So many pinto beans
2020-07-23Difference in opinion around ok ways to express hurt and upset
2020-06-28Am I supporting a conspiracy theorist by belonging to this FB group?
2020-06-11How to deal with a grumpy, hostile neighbor
2020-05-18"Super specific ""hoarders/storage auction""-type YouTube channel request"
2020-05-02How do I overcome my grad school PTSD and self esteem issues?
2020-04-17Bunker parenting and scheduling sanity savers
2020-04-09Need quality grade 4 math worksheets
2020-04-07We have a few days to prepare - what to do?
2020-03-20Rolls / Person / Week
2020-03-19Will my child ever sleep through the night?
2020-03-18How can I (and should I) help my friend be part of her sister's death?
2020-03-18How can I (and should I) help my friend be part of her sister's death?
2020-03-15Questions to ask Risk Management before I return to work
2020-03-10COVID Question: School and Immuno-compromised edition
2020-03-07Abusive youth extracurricular instructor; how to proceed?
2020-02-24What kinds of dining tables can stand up beautifully to hard use?
2020-02-20Is it cheaper to use computers to make dogs now or what?
2020-02-13My memoir was accepted for publication but I'm nixing it. YAY or NAY?
2020-02-12How would Mister Rogers go no contact?
2020-01-31Please give me your favourite accidentally vegan recipes