Which comments by fshgrl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-30I can't work [looking] like this.
2016-12-28You aren't who you think you are...
2016-12-27How to get over what I may or may not have done to my fiance?
2016-12-26Does meal prep make me high-maintenance?
2016-12-25how to wait tables?
2016-12-22What could low glucose but normal H1ac levels mean? (YANAD/YANMD)
2016-12-21Never gonna happen?
2016-12-21Help me cope with mountain lion stress
2016-12-20What tablet should I get for watching movies/TV shows?
2016-12-17how to deal with negative work contact
2016-12-14cold weather exercise
2016-11-30I can't believe it's not snake oil!!!
2016-11-09What Should We Do Now?
2016-10-27Boot Issues
2016-10-27Boot Issues
2016-10-23Raising kids in a ski/ mountain town vs a large city??
2016-10-22Warm workout clothes?
2016-10-14My elderly mom is about to buy a manufactured home in Albuquerque
2016-10-13I demand satisfaction
2016-10-13Maximum home cosiness (hygge) with a budget of UK £200 to spend online?
2016-10-13Maximum home cosiness (hygge) with a budget of UK £200 to spend online?
2016-10-05Outside of LA Day Trip
2016-10-02Help mediating sibling spats?
2016-09-29hit by a car
2016-09-15Interesting TV shows (or movies) with kind, loving characters
2016-09-13Conference etiquette
2016-09-11Best practices for turning a yard into a garden
2016-08-14Female Sad Americana Music - Recommendations?
2016-08-09Not-quite-Nordic not-necessarily-Noir?
2016-08-06Lemon Tree - In Mortal Danger?
2016-08-01How to use use up a bottle of horribly sweet wine?
2016-07-27How do I completely and utterly ignore a pretty unpleasant co-worker?
2016-07-24How does one break up a dog fight?
2016-07-19Halp me choose an inexpensive laptop
2016-07-13How do French people eat?
2016-07-04Women's board shorts that aren't short shorts
2016-07-03Ireland Vacation Strategies
2016-06-12Does global warming mean we shouldn’t buy this riverside lot?
2016-05-19dog fencing through creek?
2016-05-06What breed of sheep is this?
2016-04-13"Some people have REAL problems"
2016-04-09Eskimo or Inuit
2016-03-25How do I best navigate being edged out of a professional opportunity?
2016-03-15How to avoid collapsing after work
2016-03-13What arrangement is best for a newborn of parents living apart?
2016-03-13warmest, coziest, softest waterproof boots (Vancouver)
2016-03-12Duvet or comforter cover help requested
2016-02-09Most effective ways to market field trips to teachers?
2016-02-07New Englanders want to see the sun