Which comments by 15L06 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-03Duck, you sucker!
2018-11-29Deciphering 1790s German handwriting - what does this say?
2018-11-06My borderline sister is destroying my relationship with our parents
2018-10-29Is it ethical to refuse housekeeping at a hotel?
2018-10-09Tassimo...in 2018
2018-10-03what is like Pepsi Blue, but not as blue?
2018-09-09What questions should I be asking at an adult day program?
2018-08-07How do I best build relationships when being alone comes naturally?
2018-07-08What is this on the drumsticks of my chicken?
2018-07-01Overcake: how long will 238 pieces of cake last?
2018-07-01Overcake: how long will 238 pieces of cake last?
2018-06-28Sister starting blog: drama imminent.
2018-06-28powder fresh ??
2018-05-07How can I sell unused nights at a conference hotel?
2018-03-02Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-21Listening that makes my mind/soul expand?
2018-01-26What is the significance of this German title (saying?)
2018-01-16What are your favourite marrow recipes? (The vegetable, not bone)